A unique global meeting place for the aquaculture industry 11th-13th June 2024.

The conference will be a global platform connecting businesses, academia, and the government to set the agenda for tomorrow’s aquaculture. At AquaNext, we focus on key areas that are important for the future of aquaculture and increased food production. A major challenge in the years to come will be producing feed with the right ingredients and ensuring sufficient quantities. Knowledge of biology is essential for good fish health, and new innovations will of significant importance for both conventional, closed, and land-based farming. AquaNext will be the platform for debate, discussion, and knowledge sharing.

If you have ideas and thoughts about themes or other contributions to the conference, please get in touch with our CEO Sigurd Vik by email: or phone: +47 92 62 92 00, or Chairman of the Board Erlend Sødal by email: or phone: +47 90 20 95 56.