Marie Egenberg is one of the seven competent members of the conference committee for AquaNext 2024. “I find fish health and welfare perspectives highly engaging,” says Marie. “As a fish health biologist, I belive that we, as professionals and as a companies, need to be part of the solution for better fish welfare.”

As a busy leader with responsibility for the commercial aspects of salmon in both Norway and the rest of Europe at Pharmaq, do you also have time to get involved in AquaNext?

“The unique thing about Norway is that the industry, we as suppliers, and the authorities work together to solve challenges. This is exactly what AquaNext aims to contribute to.”

At AquaNext, that is precisely what we are going to do; address the solutions of the future – what comes next? We must dare to ask the difficult questions. Therefore, we will create a conference that facilitates involvement, discussion, and debate with the aim of effecting change. All stakeholders must work together, and therefore, the committee includes representatives from all sectors – farmers, suppliers, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and FHF,” says Marie.

PHARMAQ is the world’s leading vaccines and innovation company for the aquaculture industry and is part of Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company. “Of course, we will also have a booth at AquaNext,” concludes Marie Egenberg.